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Open your heart to Fostering

Could you provide a loving home to a child with a "Not for Profit" Fostering charity in the North West?

Personal Training in Lowton with Paula

As a young mum, Paula knows first hand how important fitness and health goals are. Paula's personal training is a great way to achieve your goals in a friendly and supportive way.

Verve – Engaging Recruitment Campaigns to find exceptional people!

Verve provides Engaging Recruitment campaigns to support Not for Profit Fostering charities and Supported Lodgings providers. Our vision is to recruit exceptional people. People who have outstanding skills and experience in caring for vulnerable children and young people in our communities.

Summer Recruitment events with our Armed Forces family

Verve has been busy over the summer by pitching up with our Armed Forces in local recruitment events alongside of the Salford Veterans Breakfast Club CIC. Verve has a deep association with our Armed Forces, our Fostering Ambassador Claire Marie Street is a Director of this wonderful CIC and is herself a veteran of the Armed Forces. Verve Director Steve Jones is a Veteran of the Armed Forces having served in the Royal Corp of Transport.

Could you offer Supported Lodgings to a young person in your community?

Young people are vulnerable for many reasons. They may have left the care system after being fostered or have experienced family breakdowns. They may have faced the trauma of a bereavement and need emotional support. They may be at risk of being harmed and are vulnerable and need protecting.

BBC reveals Child Poverty cash not spent

According to a BBC report, the UK government has been given more than £3.5 million to potentially alleviate Child Poverty and Homelessness from the EU. The money has not been spent. Elsewhere in Europe approx. 13 million people have received assistance from this funding, with the most common support being in food aid.

Our Fostering Story by Sobia, Akmal and family……

Sobia and Akmal enquired with Verve about Fostering together as a family. We were delighted to refer them to a Not for Profit charity that reflected the skills and experiences that they could offer a child. They are now in assessment with a panel date set for October 2019.