A Child Alone in the Care system…..

November 25, 2019 7:41 pm, written by .

This poem was written by a child who was in the care system over 20 years ago. He was 9 when he wrote it, he had spent over 6 years in the care system. The words are simple, honest and direct. One year after writing this he was adopted by a loving couple. He was given a loving home, with an idyllic childhood and a superb education.

Sat in my room, feeling alone. I’ve no idea where I’m at, I live in a Care home.

Mummy and Daddy weren’t really great,it’s because of them I belong to the state.

My feelings of anger and feeling mean, no-one hears me when I silently scream.

I’ve been here for many a year, and yet each day, I shed a tear!

Many of my friends have come and gone, yet for me, my loneliness goes on.

I’ve been here since I was three, my parents just couldn’t cope with me.

I need some help, I need a home. It’s not nice being on my own.!

I’m writing this as a way of means, can you help me to fulfill my dreams?

To be on your own, with no one to care. I’m 9 years old, this isn’t fair!

If you can help, and maybe take me on, my feelings of loneliness will be gone.

A home,a family with parents to adore. If I could have this I would never ask for more!


This child is now an adult with a successful career in his chosen field. He’s happily married with 3 children, 2 of his children are his birth children, he has adopted his 3rd child to be part of his family.

He has shared his story with Verve to appeal to future foster carers, could that be you? Contact us today if you would like to help.