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A child alone in the Care system…..

This poem was written by a child who was in the care system over 20 years ago. He was 9 when he wrote it, he had spent over 6 years in the care system. The words are simple, honest and direct. One year after writing this he was adopted by a loving couple. He was given a loving home, with an idyllic childhood and a superb education.

Hannah’s story- M3 Project

Following the death of her mother, Hannah lived with her grandma from the age of 13 and, although the bungalow was very small, they got by. It was only when Hannah became pregnant she realised that it wouldn’t be possible to stay there.

BBC reveals Child Poverty cash not spent

According to a BBC report, the UK government has been given more than £3.5 million to potentially alleviate Child Poverty and Homelessness from the EU. The money has not been spent. Elsewhere in Europe approx. 13 million people have received assistance from this funding, with the most common support being in food aid.

Sobia and Akmal's Fostering Journey

Our Fostering Story by Sobia, Akmal and family……

Sobia and Akmal enquired with Verve about Fostering together as a family. We were delighted to refer them to a Not for Profit charity that reflected the skills and experiences that they could offer a child. They are now in assessment with a panel date set for October 2019.

Remembering His First Hug

This man's story is beautiful because he describes how as a scared little boy being placed in care, one woman changed his life by giving him the one thing he had never had. A hug.