Bronagh Howell – Verve Fostering Ambassador

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We are delighted that Bronagh has chosen to become a Fostering Ambassador for Verve. Bronagh was placed in the care system herself as a Foster child. Here, Bronagh shares how she feels lucky that the wonderful Foster parents she was placed with, took the time and patience she needed to earn her trust. The love and care they gave to her within their loving family, made a huge impact on her life. 33 years on, and with a family of her own, they are one loving family together!.

‘ I am extremely proud to be a Fostering Ambassador for Verve’.

I feel it is vitally important that all children have a secure, safe and loving home, with people who will not only nurture their physical health and wellbeing, but support and nurture their mental health and wellbeing.

Supporting children whilst giving safe boundaries, even if this is only for a short period of time, that time may have a huge impact on that child’s life outcome. As I myself was fostered I know how important this is especially in the long term.

My story….

‘As someone who went through the care system, I am passionate about getting it right for children in care needing foster placements’.

‘I was very lucky and had wonderful foster parents. However, after what I’d experienced as a child, Trust was the one thing above all that needs to earned and that takes time and patience. But well worth it I’d say, as 33 yrs on I still have my family!’

‘I went on to become a specialist nurse in neonates, a Health Visitor and sexual health nurse until my medical Retirement 3 years ago’.

Now I guest lecture and do voluntary work with women with mental health problems and I also  help with wildlife rescue.
I have a teenage daughter who has grown up in a very blended family,  she knows that blood isn’t the only way to make a family.

‘Children learn by our actions, not by our words. We have respect for all families and cultural groups’.

Bronagh Howell – Fostering Ambassador

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