BBC reveals Child Poverty cash not spent

July 30, 2019 12:02 pm, written by .

According to a BBC report, the UK government has been given more than £3.5 million to potentially alleviate Child Poverty and Homelessness from the EU. The money has not been spent. Elsewhere in Europe approx. 13 million people have received assistance from this funding, with the most common support being in food aid.

The money was allocated to the UK from the Fund for European Aid to the most Deprived from 2014 to 2020.

This money was designed to be used in projects such as Child Poverty, Homelessness and Food Banks . It is now at risk of being wasted because it hasn’t been spent according to a House of Lords committee. They have warned that some of the cash has already been forfeited, and they are now worried about the risk of the rest being handed back.

Why did the government not use it? 

The Government says that there was ‘barriers’ over spending the money. The Initial plans according to the BBC report was that this money was to be used for School Breakfast Clubs in deprived areas. The Breakfast clubs were then found to be not eligible for funding because they didn’t meet the criteria. Why set the criteria for something knowing that the people who is was aimed at would not meet it?

Is there a denial to Europe that child poverty, homelessness and the need for food banks don’t exist here in the UK?

If this report is correct, then this is wrong. Why should we be struggling when we are working? Why are our children going hungry and the systems set up to help families when they need it the most are not delivering?

There is growing concern now about what is really going on and why this is happening. The cruelty our Government has shown by watching families struggle, knowing that they could have used this money to help them is despicable. It’s morally wrong, we need to do something to change this!  

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