Congratulations to Sobia and Akmal becoming approved as foster carers!

November 7, 2019 5:26 pm, written by .

'We have really enjoyed the process, and I will always be grateful to you for recommending us to Caritas, and believing in us. Thank you.' Sobia

Verve is pleased to continue the story of Sobia, Akmal and their family on their Fostering journey. Sobia and Akmal went to the panel this week and were unanimously approved as Foster Carers with Caritas Care in Preston. Caritas Care is a Not for Profit Fostering charity is an Ofsted rated Outstanding fostering agency who were local to Sobia, Akmal and their family.

The importance of finding the right agency for you!

After having my first initial discussion with Sobia and Akmal, it became essential to me that I found the right agency for them. Sobia and Akmal have outstanding skills and experience in caring for children, I needed to find an agency that would reflect these skills and support them together as a family.

What is the motivation for fostering?

I established straight away their motivation to become foster carers was from a genuine desire to help children in care.

Is the time right for you to foster?

The time was right for them as a family to foster, and they discussed becoming foster parents openly with their children. The children were supportive of their parents and the sharing of their homes and their lives with other children.

Quite simply, they wanted to give something back to others who hadn’t been as fortunate as themselves.

Sobia and Akmal’s journey

Sobia contacted Verve after reading our website www.ververecruitment.org She was enquiring to find out more information on becoming a Foster carer in her community.

What happens next?

After listening to Sobia, I understood her motivation in becoming a Foster Carer. I worked with Sobia and Akmal to find the right Not for Profit Fostering Charity that met her expectations and who would offer the support that they would need locally.

How do we find the right organisation for me?

Caritas Care in Preston is an Outstanding Not for Profit Fostering and Adoption charity that is local to them.
I felt that Sobia and Caritas Care had a shared ethos. This ethos, combined with outstanding support networks and experience in caring for children collectively, it would create a positive Fostering partnership together.

Can you arrange for me to meet the Charity?

Verve arranged for a telephone call to Sobia and Akmal at a time that suited them best. This call resulted in arranging a home visit with their future Social worker from Caritas Care.
The purpose of the home visit was to meet with Sobia, Akmal and their family and to find out more about each other. The home visit was a positive one, which resulted in Sobia and Akmal being invited to apply to become Foster Carers.
They completed and returned the Application form back to Caritas Care, and they began their Fostering journey together.

Sobia and Akmal are excited to begin their Fostering journey together as a family.

Could you offer your home to a child?

Would you support a child when they need it the most?

Can you be an advocate for a child? Together, we can make their voices heard?

Contact us for further information on becoming a foster carer with a Not for Profit Fostering Charity.

Together we will make a difference.