Can you help a Child in Need?

October 27, 2019 6:00 pm, written by .

Could you support a vulnerable child or children in your community? Do you have a spare bedroom? Could you be an advocate for a child to enable them to have their voices heard with a Not for Profit Fostering Charity?

Fostering…. A varied and rewarding role!

Verve Recruitment offer expert advice to help you to find your pathway to becoming a Foster carer.

Foster Care is not a 9-5 job, which is why we work with Fostering Charities who will support you 24/7 with dedicated social workers.

Not for Profit Charities invest in your training and development, they value your personal and work experience.

Your unique skills,experience with children and young people are vital in the care of children. Providing quality care and support for children is the priority for Charities. They are looking for people with skills that will enhance their Outstanding support services for children.

Can you make a difference?

Verve aim to help you to move forward in your enquiry ,by providing you with clear and unbiased advice. We advise you on the Fostering process and the criteria required for Foster carers in your community.

We will share with you the unique benefits of working with Not for Profit Fostering agencies, in providing loving family homes for vulnerable children and their families in our communities.

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Together we can make a Difference ….