Mustard Tree Food Club setting the bar in our communities

November 26, 2019 1:54 pm, written by .

Mustard Tree is a Charity who have been supporting people in poverty in Greater Manchester for over 25 years. Verve's Ambassador Josilyn Croston was a volunteer for Mustard Tree in Eccles, Greater Manchester.

The Mustard Tree Food Club charity aids people who are facing food poverty. They provide emergency food provisions, whilst retaining the dignity of people often resulting from the use of conventional food banks.

There is a cost free membership to the Food Club. They will distribute food to homes where they are facing an immediate food shortage. Members will benefit from a full shopping bag of healthy food for as little as £2.50 per week.

Mustard Tree opens another branch in Little Hulton….

7 years ago Jocylin was volunteering for the charity in Eccles. The Food Club was providing healthy food for their members who were facing hardship in that area.

Mustard Tree decided to open another branch and they asked Jocylin if she would organise this on their behalf. The branch was to be based in Little Hulton. The aim again was to offer healthy food to members and their families when they needed it the most.

Three branches of Mustard Tree in our community.

There are now 3 branches of the Mustard Tree Food Clubs. They are based in the Ancoats, Little Hulton and Eccles communities in Greater Manchester.

Find out more about Mustard Tree?

To find out more about Mustard Tree Food Club and access their services, contact us today…..we are happy to help. @ValVerve

Visit the Mustard Tree website https://mustardtree.org.uk