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‘Miracles do happen when Veterans ‘Miracle Muck’ in!’

Yvonne Simms runs the Holiday Hunger Allotment project in Salford which grows organic, healthy fruit and vegetables for children in her community. 'Miracle Mucks' Phil Rennie had read Yvonne's story ' Yvonne Simms – A vision to create ‘Community Hubs’ in Salford ' on Verve's blogs and offered to volunteer his services to do the repairs that she needed doing. The allotment shed roof and the chicken coup needed to be secured, with a list of other jobs that she needed doing but couldn't afford! Phil went to meet her and arranged to get started on the allotment to get it in good shape for the Spring season.

A Child Alone in the Care system…..

This poem was written by a child who was in the care system over 20 years ago. He was 9 when he wrote it, he had spent over 6 years in the care system. The words are simple, honest and direct. One year after writing this he was adopted by a loving couple. He was given a loving home, with an idyllic childhood and a superb education.