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Parent and Child Foster Carer is a specialist type of fostering to support parents and their children in your home. The aim is to help mums to prepare for the birth of baby, or alternatively, parents to adapt to parenthood. Parent and Child foster care is a highly specialised type of care, and ongoing training...

Parent and Child Foster Carer is a specialist type of fostering to support parents and their children in your home. The aim is to help mums to prepare for the birth of baby, or alternatively, parents to adapt to parenthood.

Parent and Child foster care is a highly specialised type of care, and ongoing training is delivered by experienced teams to enhance your skills. It is imperative for Not for Profit charities to continue this work, often they have provided this support to vulnerable families for decades. Together, the dedication and support network, with your parenting skills, to offer a valuable framework of support to vulnerable parents and their children. The aim is always, wherever possible, for mums and their babies to stay together, and subsequently, securing happy and loving homes for children and their families… Hopefully, for many generations to come.

Sadly, some parents do not have a family and friend support network to help them and unfortunately face pregnancy alone. Many parents may be young, they may have been in foster care themselves, or had poor parenting; subsequently, they may need extra support. Often, these mums have suffered abuse. They are vulnerable women who may have low self-esteem and lacking in confidence, and therefore, they need emotional support. Together, we can help them to access the existing support networks that charities offer to them. And, as a result, give these parents the best outcomes possible for their families.

Parent and Child Foster Care

Sadly, today,s world has many social factors that young people have as a barrier to independence. Often these include drug and alcohol dependency, social and economic deprivation… and sadly, they are often victims of ‘labelling.’ This ‘labelling’ may be due to previous family history or associations, and many young people do not know how to get away from this. Parent and child foster carers are positive role models young people need, giving advice and guidance, and nurturing parents and their children for the best outcome ever… to have a happy, family life of their own.

‘I was afraid to tell anyone because, like most of my family, they expected it.’ ‘It’s what everyone in my family did.’

Young Mum aged 15

Many young mums find support from other women. Women who recognise they need help, and subsequently, they put them under their own wing. The sharing of skills and comfort is what they need to believe in themselves. Sadly, many young people are not used to kindness, they have difficulty in acceptance because of the suspicion of the motive behind it. However, eventually, trust and a mutual bond grow, and both mum and baby move on to a happy and successful life together…they just need that break.

Specialist training and support…

Parent and Child foster carers are specialist foster carers with life experience and skills to support vulnerable parents. They pass along their wisdom and expertise to help until parents are ready to raise their children on their own. However, you are not in this alone…the support you and the parents you care for is outstanding. These charities have supported vulnerable families and their children for decades, and they have a wealth of support that you can draw from. Charities have an enviable high success rate in keeping families together because that’s what their aim is, today and always.

Charities keeping Parents and their children together…

Many local Not for Profit charities care passionately about keeping families together, offering practical advice and support. Sadly, their support is now a lifeline for many vulnerable families, and because of support networks being closed as a result of austerity, many families are isolated and vulnerable. As a result, many families are becoming homeless, and often there is no safety net to catch them. Subsequently, for many parents, there is a real fear that their babies may be taken into care.

Communities networking together…

Verve is passionate about children have a loving and safe home, and wherever possible, keeping our children within their community. We support charities who help families and their children, regardless of their circumstance, to stay together.

One charity Verve is proud to support is Salford Food Parcels. Salford Food Parcels provide healthy food to local families in conjunction with the Red Cross, and the Holiday Hunger project.

Verve Fostering Ambassador, Yvonne Simms, who runs the projects told me

‘ there is a lack of knitted baby clothes and blankets for the ladies who have babies. Unfortunately, many of the charity shops are closed because of Coronavirus; however, they were the cheapest place to get wool from. And sadly, where most of their clothes come from anyway! Now they haven’t got any.’

Yvonne Simms… Founder of the Salford Food Parcels and Holiday Hunger project.

Our ‘Knitting Baby Clothes’ appeal

Verve shares the same views as Yvonne, why should babies not have new clothes? I created The ‘Knitting Baby Clothes’ appeal as a blog on my Facebook post, which thankfully, was very well received. The response was terrific, and we now have an army of ladies who crochet, knit and share wool together. For many women, these are challenging times. Money is scarce and women juggle to feed their children and pay the bills. Often there is no money left over for luxuries, which include new clothes for new babies. This is wrong, every baby should have new clothes; Therefore, as a result of the campaign, many women have come together to change this. We are ‘keeping our eyes out for each other’. , and as women, our ethos and desire to help each other is the same. Because we all know inherently, every child deserves a new outfit!

Creating fostering partnerships together.

Keeping families together is an essential part of the services Not for Profit fostering charities offer in our community. To make these services possible, they need to create fostering partnerships with people who have the same ethos and vision that they hold dear. This vision is the epicentre of their beliefs that every person should have equal chances and opportunities in life…Can you join them to continue their image as a foster carer?

Verve Recruitment is not a fostering agency. We recruit for Not for Profit charities, and the Foster Care recruitment process has been adapted for COVID 19. Coronavirus won’t stop us recruiting. It makes us do things a little different than before, but that sometimes is a good thing. Change is good, and thanks to Coronavirus, we know we can’t stop the changes we are facing; therefore, we work with them and use them to our advantage. Every child deserves a safe and loving home to feel loved and belong in. Coronavirus has made us realise the value of homes, every Parent and their child should have one… Have you got compassion and love to change a child’s life by offering Parent and Child care?

Find out more about Parent and Child foster care in your community by getting in touch with Verve Recruitment today. Sadly, there are over 1200 foster carers needed, can you make a difference to a child when they need it most? https://ververecruitment.org/pages/contact

Making a difference to vulnerable children’s lives together…