Summer Recruitment events with our Armed Forces family

September 9, 2019 10:19 pm, written by .

Verve has been busy over the summer by pitching up with our Armed Forces in local recruitment events alongside of the Salford Veterans Breakfast Club CIC. Verve has a deep association with our Armed Forces, our Fostering Ambassador Claire Marie Street is a Director of this wonderful CIC and is herself a veteran of the Armed Forces. Verve Director Steve Jones is a Veteran of the Armed Forces having served in the Royal Corp of Transport.

There are many Armed Force Veterans who have become Foster parents to vulnerable children in our communities. They are providing stability in a safe and loving home when these children need it the most. Often, the reply when asked what their motivation is to becoming Foster carers is to ‘Give something back’.

We say ‘Thank you’ when you have given so much already!

There are many veteran’s of the Armed Forces who were themselves in care as children. I know of many people who joined up to the Armed Forces as a way of getting away from a difficult home life.

However, serving in the Forces has led to strong friendships and bonds of attachment being formed. Many of these friendships have stayed with them throughout their lives, and have made a positive impact on their families lives.

Our events are not aimed just at recruiting potential Foster carers. They are a way we can say ‘Thank You’ to Veterans and their families in our communities for all they have sacrificed to keep us safe. These events enable us to raise funds in supporting the Salford Veterans Breakfast Club CIC to keep the club going. The events have raised funds to enable the Breakfast club to provide Xmas hampers for Veterans who live alone, bringing seasonal cheer to them. We say ‘Thank you’ to the dedication of the wonderful men and women that manage and support Breakfast clubs everywhere.