Supported Lodgings – caring homes for vulnerable young people

September 27, 2019 7:52 pm, written by .

We are well into Autumn and soon the cold winter weather will come. Many young people will find themselves homeless and living on the streets, facing the cold weather alone and worrying for their own safety. We need to change this, can you help?

Here at Verve, we are looking to end this. We are recruiting for M3 Project Charity in East Lancashire to find caring and safe Supported Lodging homes.

Young people who are homeless feel that there is no one who cares. They have nowhere to turn to and are vulnerable.

Emotionally, they are scared, they need help, but mostly their trust has gone from being let down too many times.

Can you help?

Do you have a spare bedroom? Do you have the desire to help? Could you mentor and support through caring and guiding a young person who is homeless and vulnerable?

Supported Lodgings providers receive an allowance to cover the cost of supporting a young person, and they are able to work full time. You would work together with Support workers from M3 Project to ensure they got the skills and resources they need to become independent.

Could you guide them and support them to a secure future?

Working together with M3 Project

Contact us to find out more about Supported Lodgings and how to apply. It’s getting cold, please help us to bring them in and keep them safe.

Together we can make a difference